A New Trade Associate Paves the Way For CBD Regulation (UK)

It seems there are more and more stories coming out about people failing drug tests, getting arrested just for holding CBD, and just a whole jumble of issues between the two critical points of the market.

The trust between the consumer and producer is falling apart without proper regulation. 

We’ve briefly covered it before, but just for the sake of clarity… The regulation behind CBD isn’t nonexistent. There are laws that hold for these companies. Including the required hemp extraction for CBD, and not just marijuana (unless the state is legalized). And of course, the CBD products cannot contain more than .3% THC.

This .3% THC limit is a good place to be at, as it’s such a trace amount that an unhealthy, and just outright unreasonable amount of the product would have to be consumed in order to show up on some drug tests. Depending on metabolism and other bodily factors, it would also have to be consumed in a short amount of time.

Sounds too complicated? You’re not wrong. This kind of research shouldn’t exactly be necessary for the customer, especially if the product is going to claim “no THC,” or “Won’t fail a drug test.” In the end, a lot of the trust relies on the brands publicly posted lab results, some of which leave out entirely.

So, as you can see, the market can stand a bit more regulation. This ensures the safety of the customer and can help cut out some of the less “trustworthy” brands.

Luckily, after a six-month consultation, a new trade association is being formed, called the Association for the Cannabinoid Industry, ACI. ACI is aiming to bring forth the industry regulation it needs. 

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis is looking after the new foundation and is bringing together some of the leading experts in the market, as well as creating legal boundaries. The goal of the association? To ensure safety for customers, of course. The foundation partnered with Global Regulatory Services, GRS. 

The new organization ultimately aims to test, label and ensure safe marketing ethics. In doing so, there will be a certification on product labels directed from ACI.

If you’re interested in the plans that ACI has for the industry, then visit the Centre for Medicinal Cannabis. This is interesting for both the UK and the US, as there is still no primary role in regulation for the US. Perhaps the steps that ACI take will help create something new overseas, and maybe globally ensure a safe market to buy from.