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While also stopping investments in the cannabis industry

States are beginning to see how much revenue medical/recreational marijuana pulls in from taxes. The state of Colorado recently surpassed $1 billion in marijuana tax revenue in June, and the number is only expected to grow.

Plenty of the states that harbor these laws are on US coastlines. In fact, the new ban is rather extended upon a simple “no entry” rule. This ban also aims to prevent from entering establishments that are remotely connected to cannabis. No entering events connected to it, nor can investments be made into the industry. CBD could also be off-limits due to the fact that it still contains THC.

Complete Ban

The involvement with cannabis could have some serious consequences. The new prohibition of any involvement is due to Commandant Adm. Schulz who claimed that the use of marijuana “poses a significant risk to Coast Guard personnel and to unit readiness, and negatively impacts mission execution.”

The statement also included “I expect Coast Guard personnel to maintain a lifestyle that neither condones the use of illegal substances nor exposes them to accidental intake of illegal drugs.” 

The order is not to be taken lightly, as the consequences are a possible 2 years of confinement, a reduction to the lowest pay grade, as well as losing all allowances. A dishonorable discharge/dismissal is due as well.

The question of whether CBD is legal for members is still a gray area. Regardless of recent law changes. Hemp is now a legal cash crop, but some CBD products contain greater amounts of THC.