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On March 15th, Duncanville police raided two stores that sold CBD, seizing more than $50,000 worth of CBD products, claims owner Amy Wazwaz and her husband.

More than 30 pounds of hemp were seized along with “everything that was remotely related to CBD,” said Wazwaz, amounting to over “hundreds of pounds of CBD oil in various forms” said the Duncanville police.

The police didn’t arrest anyone, however, they did say that the investigation is still underway.

What are the laws in Texas regarding CBD?

The hemp/marijuana laws in Texas are extremely gray, so much so that different district attorneys won’t prosecute for hemp-derived CBD while others will.

Texas farmers aren’t even allowed to grow hemp in their state, even though federally it’s completely legal under the 2014 farm bill.

Why did this happen?

The Duncanville police conducted an undercover investigation into the store. Their undercover agent went in and bought from the store and after subsequent lab tests were done, they concluded that some of the products were “identified as marijuana,” a search warrant affidavit said. However, the affidavit never publicized the THC levels in the hemp flower or CBD Oil, which is ridiculous and I’ll tell you why below.

What the real problem is

Marijuana is any plant that contains more than 0.3% THC, a completely arbitrary number used to classify hemp vs marijuana. 0.3% THC won’t get you high, neither will 0.4% THC, neither will 0.5% THC. It’s ridiculous because they would consider any plant with 0.31% THC as marijuana, even if it’s INCREDIBLY hard to get any mind-impairing psychoactive effects from the plant.

So, in my opinion, we need to know the true levels of THC in the products that were seized before the owners are published for having industrial hemp that accidentally has a little more THC than it should. Instead of treating the owners as massive drug dealers, let’s instead look at the laws that define what hemp is versus what marijuana is. Too many CBD shops have been raided over this, and too many entrepreneurs who are only looking to help people through CBD have been shut down by the DEA for selling what they see as marijuana.