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Lena Bartula, an accomplished artist as well as a respected grandmother was forced to go through two days of agitation an, what she would call, a “nightmare.” Can we understand why a 71 year old lady was arrested as she tried to pass through Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport on the way to her granddaughter in Oregon?

For carrying CBD (cannabidiol) in her purse. Lena uses CBD oil for her pain management, as well as thousands of other Americans. When the officers confiscated her oil, she was placed under arrest. She was then transported to the airport jail, where she was shackled and placed in a cell for two days.

She describes the event as nightmarish. “I slept on the floor, my head next to the toilet.” According to US Customs, this isn’t the first incident of people being detained/arrested for possession of CBD oil. The most recent update on the case is that she is facing a felony drug charge, even though the product is legal when containing less than .3% THC. The arresting officers are currently testing the product for this exact number, and the result could leave her as a felon.

She will never put CBD in her purse again, she says, and no doubt will put a hindrance on her in the future. On the federal level, hemp was just made legal as part of the Farm Bill act. This type of behavior is only putting more fear into CBD, possibly preventing it from helping those who want to try it.

“I have warned everyone I know because most people my age, with my kinds of aches and pains, do take this,” said Bartula. “They rely on it.”