Brands we recognize as having a superior product, along with having a great mission to help people. These brands have blown us away with their lab reports, extraction methods, management, safety precautions, and general caring for their customers. We thank these brands for their continued hard work and premium quality CBD.

CBD Bill
CBD Bill is an online CBD marketplace that vets every CBD brand it comes across and only brings on the best brands in the industry. We respect the lengthy research they have to do for each brand, along with their fantastic customer service. We highly recommend this marketplace if you’re looking for premium CBD.

Ma Oil
Engineered by hand in the Colorado Rockies, Ma Oil has gone above and beyond with their superior quality products as well as a great mission statement. They have up to date lab reports, tell us where they grow their hemp, and they provide us with a fantastic mission statement that wishes to help the people who can benefit from the fantastic medicinal properties of the cannabis plant.

Life Bloom Organics
Known for their fantastic CBD Oral sprays, Life Bloom Organics knows their cannabis science. Intuitive technology, proprietary formulas, and great people are all main reasons to buy from them. They have a fantastic anti-insomnia oral spray that has seen a tremendous amount of praise for its effectiveness.

Flower Power Coffee
Our favorite CBD coffee brand! We appreciate this brand because of its superior quality and general caring. They have by far the lowest prices for CBD coffee in the industry, and that’s because they care about their customers being able to receive quality CBD products. 

American Shaman
They have been in the CBD industry since the very beginning, and we can see why they have been so successful. Water-soluble CBD along with extensive lab reports are just 2 extremely good reasons to trust this brand.

World Class Health CBD
WCH as a whole is a fantastic company to buy from. They develop CBD products that not many other brands would think about, i.e. a CBD pumpkin face mask or their CBD+CBG Oil, and they excel in creating high-quality products. 

Charlotte’s Web
Everyone’s favorite CBD Brand, CW has been in the industry since the beginning as well, and for good reason. Great quality products along with caring management only looking to help their customers.

We advise you stay away from these brands. They have been known to display false information.

We cannot recommend this brand because it lacks genuine sincerity. They focus more on marketing than the overall mission of helping people which is what CBD is all about.

Diamond CBD
They have not provided an up-to-date CoA in over a year. We cannot be certain of their CBD %s and extraction methods and thus overall quality.

Pure Hemp Shop
They claim to have 99% pure CBD Isolate however their lab results show that their products only have ~2% CBD. We don’t trust nor recommend brands that mislead their customers.