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A big movement was made today in the state of Texas, as their legislature is removing hemp from their controlled substance list. While legality behind hemp was made more clear during the 2018 Farm Bill, Texas is taking it one step further.

The same day that this was announced, two raids upon CBD stores in Duncanville were upheld by state officials.

“There’s no THC. It won’t get you high,” said Amy Wazwaz, the owner of GM Tobacco, and witness of the raid.

However, Texas law officials are also adamant on keeping products safe, lab tested, and clear of the .3% THC mark.

We are very proud of the Texas lawmakers for making this decision to remove hemp from the controlled substance list after a lot of reports of raids and a lot of general public confusion over the topic. From all of us at Lodestar CBD News, we thank you Texas lawmakers for letting people benefit from the vast majority of medicinal cannabinoids.